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"Your service really gives me more idea on how to dispose those waste and old materials properly. Over all, you have a great job done last Monday for me. Now i have even more space for my car on my garage and it gives more light to lighten up the area. In the future, if i have my problems again. I will definitely hire you again. Thank you so much guys!"

---Lyndon, 32, Markham

"Last year, i hired a junk removal company who will do the junk removal for my items that I don’t use anymore. However, they charge me more after the job. They didn’t even follow the exact quote that they gave me. But with you guys, you have specific and very precise quotations. What you have quoted me before is only what you charged to me. Thank you for the great service you shared to me."

---Mac, 33, Markham

"Last week, my only problem is where to dispose my old fridge. That fridge is totally damaged and cannot be repaired. I called many junk removal companies who collects junk items but you were the only company who offered me affordable rate for your service. I am very thankful that my old fridge is gone and I have more space in my kitchen. Thank you."

---Diva, 29, Markham

"Thank for this wonderful service! You were terrific and trustworthy."

–Dylan, 23, Markham

"I really love the way you did your job, thank you so much for your help"

---Alyana, 26, Markham

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